Grangegorman: DIT Campus Masterplan

The site for the future DIT campus is one of the last remaining large green spaces within central Dublin.

This group design project called on all DIT architecture students to propose a vision for what form the future campus could take. Our team’s aim was to retain the identity of this green space as much as possible by pushing the campus programme to the edges of the site. Locating the built elements of the masterplan along its edge provided an opportunity to merge the campus buildings with the surrounding city and thus provide a communal service hub for students and local residents alike. DIT’s slogan ‘The City is our Campus’ was the driving force behind this idea of the urban and university collective.

The site slopes gently from north to south which provided an incline that proved opportunistic with regards to a public promenades system and pedestrian access throughout the site. This ‘communication deck’ was conceived of as a varied level promenade that surges up towards the north side of the site. This provided various vantage points for locating buildings across the campus and provided opportunities for watching sports in the open green below. This communication deck becomes a space of transition; marking the change from dense urban occupation to the open parkland at its heart.


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