Skerries Commuter Centre

The commuting community is a nomadic one. A destination awaits; the workplace in the mornings, the homestead in the evenings. The commuter is concerned with movement, continuous travel – moving from foot to car to train to bus to bicycle as efficiently as possible. No time delays, no barriers. A constant flow.

The commuter centre at Skerries tackles this desire for free flowing travel and readily accessible services. A creche, supermarket, public square, market space, sports ground, bus and train station bicycle and car park all culminate in this essentially wall free plan.

Train and bus stations are porous access points – columns support floating and folding roof surfaces. The roofed market space is a sheltered walkway, a series of transitional spaces that stretch along the rail line.

The concept for the scheme – the ‘ribbon wrapped round the rail’ denotes the idea of free movement patterns that intertwine with one another. The open plan, the varied heights, levels and pitches of roofs, walkways and public spaces all fuse together in a strip of journey and service that seamlessly link to existing road and rail systems.


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